Some say daily flossing can add 6.4 years to your life!

Dental hygiene is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.  Infections in the mouth can play havoc elsewhere in the body.  If cavities aren’t treated, they get larger and the decay can cause a severe toothache, infection, tooth loss and other complications. Researchers have found that people with gum disease are almost twice as likely to suffer from coronary artery disease.

Regular dental visits and good brushing and flossing habits go a long way toward
preventing cavities and tooth decay. Flossing keeps your immune system young.
Some researchers claim that flossing can add years to your life.

Many Medicare Advantage plans offer dental cleanings at a $0 copay or at a
discounted rate.  If your plan does not come with a dental benefit you may be interested in getting dental insurance.

Like health insurance, Dental Insurance can be an HMO or PPO.  HMO dental plans are usually less expensive and offer a smaller network of doctors. The PPO Dental offers a larger doctor network and allows you to go outside of the Network.

These plans do not cover everything, but they offer discounts and predictable out of pocket expenses.  Dental Insurance benefits can be helpful.

Research:American Academy of Periodontology, Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research (MFMER) and “RealAge” by Michael F. Roizen, MD.

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