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Medicare Information Project is a campaign run by Insurance Central of Tampa Bay, located in Brandon, FL. Our current service area includes: Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, North Carolina, Kansas, and Texas.

We are team of trusted independent licensed insurance professionals that provide expert, independent assistance in navigating your Medicare options. We research networks and formularies to make sure your doctors, hospitals, and prescription drugs are covered. We provide information in an unbiased and objective manner with no obligation to you.

Our expert independent insurance agents are licensed to offer plans from the top insurance companies,  representing well over a hundred plans. That includes Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans and Part D drug plans.

Your healthcare decisions are very important. We do business differently because we believe that you are unique and everyone deserves a one-on-one consultation.

Note: You can always sign up for plans directly with each company over the phone or on the Internet. However, you will not save money by doing so. The prices are the same whether you go direct, or with a licensed agent. That is why it is in your best interest to talk to a trusted advisor like those with Medicare Information Project that can explain in detail how the plans work and offer you peace of mind. We are always available to answer any questions you may have.